We welcome customers old and new for the 2017 season We have made considerable changes to the facilities in the last 2 years.   There are now extra toilets, new showers and basins for the men.  A toilet suitable for wheelchair users has also been added.  The ladies has been completely refurbished . There will be extra showers, toilets and basins and areas for you to dry hair and put on make up. Abergavenny has a varied and interesting programme of events.  There is always something that will occupy your time – the local Llanthony Show, The Shire Horse Show, the Arts Festival -to name a few. For those of you who just want to relax, there is no need to leave Pyscodlyn. Families are welcome and children gather and play cricket, football and fly kites. Many new friends are made. It is wonderful to see children playing ‘as they used to’ without being glued to modern technology! Many children have brought their bikes and learnt to ride unaided on the circular tarmac roadway -Obviously adhering to the 5 mph speed limit! Pets are also welcome – but we are strict about dogs being kept under control, and owners being responsible and not allowing  their dog to foul on the campsite.  An adjoining field is available for exercise. Last year a red kite was seen hovering above the land opposite the caravan park.   They are hopefully moving south from Mid Wales where they are far more common.  Bird watchers amongst you will hopefully have the chance to spot these beautiful birds.

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